Dungeon Chronicle APK for Andriod Download Latest v3.14

Introduction of Dungeon Chronicle APK 3.14:

Dungeon Chronicle APK is an enchanting new Android RPG sport that takes gamers to a paranormal world in search of treasure. This recreation, advanced and published by means of NEOCRAFT LIMITED, brings players to a massive international full of deep dungeons, terrible monsters, and wealthy treasures. You play as an ambitious adventurer traveling deadly dungeons on the lookout for glory and loot in Dungeon Chronicle. As you discover the considerable subterranean sections, you’ll come across goblins, orcs, zombies, and other horrifying creatures. Defeating foes and finishing objectives gets you to revel in points, which you could use to degree up your hero and advantage get entry to powerful new capabilities and powers. The magnificence gadget is a key function in Dungeon Chronicle. You can personalize your hero by way of deciding on instructions like Warrior, Mage, Ranger, and greater, each with its very own wonderful playstyle. As your hero’s electricity rises, you could equip him with additional weapons, armor, and magical artifacts to assist him in overcoming the growing wide variety of unreasonable hurdles. The loot you accumulate also can be utilized to construct new equipment.

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Dungeon Chronicle APK (Unlimited Money/Diamond) +(Dumb Enemies, One Hit, Mana)      

Dungeon Chronicle APK stands aside within the global of mobile gaming as an interesting and immersive enjoy that transports gamers to a paranormal universe full of peril and journey. This action-packed game shall we players step into the footwear of a bold adventurer, explore perilous dungeons and warfare battle-hardened monsters, and resolve the mysteries of a brilliantly designed delusion international. Dungeon Chronicle APK has received the hearts of game enthusiasts internationally with its compelling plot, stunning pics, and addicting gameplay, and it stays a should-play name in the ever-converting cell gaming environment. Dungeon Chronicle is a laugh dungeon crawling recreation for RPG gamers looking for adventure. With lovely 3-dimensional pictures, easy touch controls, and large dungeons to discover, this recreation transports you to a thrilling myth global instantly out of your Android device.

Features of Dungeon Chronicle APK:

  • Players can pick out from a huge range of character instructions, every with its very own set of skills, talents, and playstyle. There’s a category for all people, whether you decide upon the brutal would possibly of a warrior, the precision of an archer, the magic of a mage, or the stealth of a rogue.
  • The game has a superb prevention mechanism that we could players to interact in real fights with a plethora of enemies and executives. Timing, approach, and expertise pick all play a role in fight fulfillment, adding measurement to the gameplay.
  • Amplify your character’s competencies and appearance by amassing and upgrading devices. 
  • Dungeon Chronicle APK has an extensive sort of dungeons, each with its very own set of themes, boundaries, and puzzles. 
  • Explore significant, multi-level dungeons packed with foes, traps, and treasures. Choose among instructions together with Warrior, Mage, Ranger, and greater, each with their own set of skills and powers. Face off in opposition to a lot of monsters including goblins, zombies, demons, and boss beasts.
  • Online multiplayer modes can help you engage with different players in real-time. Join forces with pals or other adventurers to tackle tough dungeons collectively or compete in participant vs. Participant battles.
  • Take components in in-game occasions and challenges for special rewards, rare objects, and time-restricted content material. 
  •  The pictures and visible effects in Dungeon Chronicle APK are splendid, bringing the mystical global to life. The complicated environment and character designs contribute to an extra immersive gaming enjoy.
  • Once downloaded, you may play the whole sport offline. Dungeon Chronicle APK is usually provided free of charge with optional in-app purchases. Microtransactions may be used to decorate the gaming experience, even though the principle gameplay is available without spending any cash.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Compatibility: Android 4.1 or later is required to run on smartphones.
  • Size: The app is approximately 100MB in size. Following installation, more statistics documents might also want to be downloaded. 
  • Processor: Works properly on handsets prepared with Snapdragon 400 collection chipsets or better. A quad-center processor with a minimum of 1.2GHz is suggested.
  • RAM: For fine overall performance, at least 1GB RAM is vital. It is quality to have a minimum of 2GB of RAM.
  • Graphics: For notable visuals, a tool with an Adreno 308 GPU or comparable is required. 
  • Storage: Installation requires at least 100MB of loose garage area on the tool. Caches and stored games require extra space.


  • The dynamic and motion-packed gameplay of Dungeon Chronicle APK keeps players captivated. An extensive range of personal schooling, abilities, and dungeons provide attractive gameplay reveling.
  • Exploring dungeons and defeating monsters is a fulfilling game revel in. There are numerous customization choices available with various lessons, talents, and equipment.
  • The multiplayer modes in Dungeon Chronicle APK are cooperative and aggressive. For delivered excitement, gamers can team up with friends or interact in player-vs-player conflicts.
  • The game is updated on a normal basis, including new material inclusive of dungeons, character training, and occasions. 
  • The recreation’s beautiful pictures and luxurious settings combo into an immersive myth international.
  • Dungeon Chronicle APK is normally unfastened to download and play, making it appealing to a large range of people. Although in-app purchases are offered, they may be now not required for middle gameplay.


  •  Dungeon Chronicle APK, like many cellular games, employs an energy or stamina system that limits the range of tasks or dungeons a player can perform in a given term. This can be considered a drawback for game enthusiasts who desire to play indefinitely.
  •  Players who make massive in-app purchases may have a bonus over individuals who do not in multiplayer modes, probably creating an aggressive imbalance.
  • The common performance of the game might also vary depending on the specs of your tool. The game may not function as easily or with superb visuals on older or less effective gadgets.
  • Some functions, which include multiplayer modes and particular occasions, necessitate the usage of an online connection. Players who do not have a stable net connection may have a reduced gaming experience.

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How to Dungeon Chronicle APK Free Download 3.14? [Latest 2023]

  1. Tap on the Dungeon Chronicle APK app icon. the link below, Tap to “Install”.
  2. The app will begin downloading. The time required depends on your internet connection.
  3. To start the installation process, tap on the Dungeon Chronicle APK file. You might be required to confirm the installation of the app. Click “Install” to continue.
  4. You’ll receive a notification stating that Dungeon Chronicle APK has been installed successfully once the installation is finished.
  5. The Dungeon Chronicle APK icon is now accessible from the home screen or app drawer of the device you’re using. 
  6. Open Dungeon Chronicle APK  Start and Enjoy Playing!

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Dungeon Chronicle is a loose-to-play cell game that brings traditional monster-crawling gameplay to smartphones. With its big dungeons to discover, monster-stuffed stages, and flip-based fights, it keeps the essence of traditional RPGs.The variety of hero lessons, talents, weapons, and loot gives a plethora of customizing choices to hold gaming interesting across a couple of playthroughs. Immersion within Fantasy International is provided with the aid of hanging 3-D attractions and outcomes. While the gameplay loop can become monotonous at instances, there are constantly new dungeon layouts and better limitations to face.

The free-to-play monetization, then again, detracts from the enjoyment with random loot-packing containers, limited energy, excessive grinding, and restricted content. These exploitative freemium practices may irritate and power gamers to spend money. Exploring its hallucination realm may additionally intrigue casual RPG fans. Simply be organized to wait or open your wallet to keep away from some of the deliberate monetization boundaries.

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