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Introduction of Leap Day APK 1.119.5:

Nitrome’s Leap Day APK is a famous cell gaming app for iOS and Android smartphones. Leap Day is a movement platformer recreation wherein each day of the year takes place in wonderful surroundings. The predominant gameplay involves leaping, sliding, and taking walks through systems to keep away from various boundaries and enemies. As the player passes through the stages, the task gradually will increase and new mechanics are added. 


Super Leap Day APK+(Mega Menu, Unlocked VIP):

The sparkling everyday content is an essential aspect of Leap Day. Every actual world day offers a fresh in-recreation planet with all-new stages to find out. The day-by-day material continues the gaming interesting from medieval castles to future cityscapes, the creative settings cover an extensive range of topics and styles. The controls of Leap Day are fundamental and intuitive, making it clean for players to pick up and play on mobile. Players can soar by means of tapping the screen, slide by swiping down, and dash by means of tapping and swiping up. Unlocking strength-united states and abilities lets you explore new places and smash adversaries more easily. The platforming movement is responsive and fluid basic. Leap Day is a fun mobile platformer with day-up-to-date ranges that span loads of distinct worlds and subject matters. Its easy controls and gradually growing problems enable addictive fun for on-the-pass gaming. The continual addition of new content material encourages players to go back daily.

Features of Leap Day APK:

  • every day brings a brand new set of stages and planets to find out, retaining the gameplay clean.
  • Throughout the whole calendar 12 months, there are around 300 distinct degrees.
  •  Visual topics and portray styles vary among worlds, along with medieval castles, Mayan temples, futuristic towns, sweet areas, and more. This seen shape continues the appeal.
  •  Running, leaping, sliding, and dashing throughout levels and barriers is principal to the gameplay. As you go, the platforming problems turn out to be more hard.
  •  The controls are optimized for cell use and are without difficulty on hand. Tap to jump, slide down, and sprint via tapping even as swiping up.
  • Jetpacks for flying, smash talents for breaking blocks, and flower energy-America that produce systems can all be unlocked to help gamers.
  •  The 2D animation is clean, colorful, and visually interesting, with depth introduced by parallax scrolling as you progress among structures.
  •  Each day has a wonderful project level that asks you to replay planets in numerous ways to get bonus rewards. Increases replayability.
  • The sport is a top-rate paid app that includes all content material and has no invasive adverts or extra purchases.

Minimum Requirements: 

  • Compatibility: Leap Day is well-matched with both Android and iOS smartphones. It is necessary to have Android 4.1 or later. It calls for iOS eight. Zero or afterward iOS.
  • Internet Connection: To download the app and play the everyday up-to-date fabric, you ought to have an online connection. Every day, the game syncs with the calendar to deliver new degrees.
  •  Device Storage: The program download is about 150MB in length. This a lot unfastened tool garage area is needed for set up. It is recommended to add an extra garage for sports progress facts and cached statistics.
  •  Graphics Processing: The sport’s pictures and animations are in 2D. To produce the visuals smoothly, a device with a snap shots processor is needed. The majority of not unusual smartphones and tablets have to be enough.


  •  Daily new ranges upload additional content material and encourage replayability. Hundreds of themed worlds with various risks, adversaries, and visible styles
  • Simple touch controls ideal for on-the-move cellular gaming 2D animation that is smooth and colorful, in addition to parallax scrolling results
  • The gradual increase in platforming difficulty keeps the gameplay thrilling.
  • Daily challenges bring variety and attention to the planets have been completed  Social leaderboards and video sharing assist you in competing along with your buddies.
  •  No commercials or greater purchases; all content is included in the base price.


  • Playing via comparable units of levels on an everyday foundation can come to be monotonous.
  • At times, character movement can sense slick or free.
  •  Because tiers are randomized, revisiting an international may additionally result in specific results.
  •  Only handy on iOS and Android – not to be had on different systems  Instead of persevering permanently, progression is reset every year.


How to Leap Day APK Download 1.119.5? [Latest 2023]

  1. Tap on the Leap Day APK app icon. link below
  2. Tap to “Install”.
  3. The app will begin downloading. The time required depends on your internet connection.
  4. Wait for the download to complete.
  5. The app will automatically install once downloaded.
  6. You can then find Pixel Leap Day APK on your device’s home screen.
  7. Tap it to launch the game. Open play and enjoy.

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Leap Day APK presents a fun and refreshing platforming game optimized for cell devices. Its fundamental gameplay is tough jumping and dodging across a number of environments. The inclusion of the latest levels each actual-world Day encourages gamers to return on an each-day foundation, and its simple controls make it smooth to apply on the go.

 Leap Day APK clings to the conventional platformer premise whilst including its very own spin with its colorful pixel visuals, wacky electricity-ups, and social leaderboards. While it is able to grow tiresome after a while, the sheer number of degrees presents hours upon hours of leisure. For any cell gaming lover searching for a day-by-day distraction, Leap Day’s mixture of familiar gameplay and a framework optimized for quick classes makes for an intriguing arcade-style journey appropriate for any occasion. Leap Day rises to the top of cellular platformers with reasonable expenses, feasible in-app purchases, and ideal leaping motion.

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